Thursday, 16 June 2011

Thinking of blog titles is too hard

Firstly, I'm feeling much better than yesterday, so that's good! I'm planning on reading this over the next few days:

(Excuse the fresh-out-of-the-shower hair and NO MAKE UP. It is not a hideous monster you are viewing on your screen. Be not afraid.) Hopefully by reading this comic book about comic books I can get a better understanding of sequential art and text arrangement and yada yada, so maybe I can get on with producing something of my very own.

Also last night I did this for a friend. It's her son, who is almost always covered in some kind of foodstuff. It was only after I'd finished the whole thing and went back to my sketchbook to do more drawing that I realised I hadn't erased the pencil lines before I scanned it in. But they didn't seem to show anyway, so that was lucky.

I totally want that onesie.

I'm now off to eat ice cream and watch Hanna in bed. I have it okay really.. I am such a drama queen.

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