Friday, 17 June 2011

Today is All About Tomorrow

Tomorrow I shall appearing in the annual Dorchester Carnival, I shall be cheerleading, and I shall be the oldest one there. But pah to that! The weather forecast is iffy at best but I shall be lifting spirits all over the show with rallying cheers. Alas, not rallying cries to lead my army to war. What an awesome carnival that would be. The one thing I'm worried about is that my shorts haven't arrived, so I'm either going to be cheerleading bottomless, or borrowing a tiny child's pair of shorts which will invariably look like hotpants on me.. Anyway, this shall be me, minus the pom-poms - we don't actually have them, I'm just too lazy to draw hands. I am full of PEPPY PEP!

Look, a background! Well, the start of one. I was unsure of what to actually put there. In real life there'd be a crowd of people but I don't want to draw a ton of people! But yeah I should get used to drawing backgrounds and shit really... And not running out of paper so I don't have room to draw legs argh.

While colouring that I listened to Landfill by Daughter on repeat. It's just lovely. The chorus really resonates with me, apart from the hating your guts part, because I don't hate your guts. But everything else! = love.

I took this photo of my room reflected in my light fitting. It's pretty awesome, even with my shitty digital camera. I like it anyway, it makes my room look cool.

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