Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Ack, emo day!

Sometimes I think the Internet is the worse thing ever invented, because boy does it make me upset often. Pretty sure I used to be okay with myself/life before I wandered onto the World Wide Web. I also may have been like 15 but still. If I hadn't have read that.. if I hadn't have seen that photo, then perhaps I wouldn't be so fucked up and I could just GET ON WITH MY LIFE without thinking that everyone out there is better than me. There's just something about sitting alone at your computer and reading a couple of lines of text that feel like a punch to the gut.. I get this all the time. Maybe I should just wipe everything and start again, start afresh, and forget about the things that hurt me. Argh, stop thinking, brain!

Yup, today's drawing is unsurprisingly this.

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