Monday, 13 June 2011

When sad, draw.

I have super low self-esteem. Fact. I am way too over-sensitive. Fact. I take more or less everything personally. Fact. All of these things lead to me crying almost every single day. So I have decided that instead of getting upset (usually about things that may not even be about me) I am going to focus on drawing instead. Apparently my stars for this month in Elle magazine said that I should embrace creativity and within six months someone awesome will happen with it (not those exact words), so here's me giving it a giant bear hug.

It's a dragon drinking tea and eating a crumpet. I know the background is awful, I struggled with the levels and it went a bit patchy and yellow, but it's all practice!

And omg I finished Season One of Fringe and.. I won't spoil it for you here but let's just say - my mind, it was blown.

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