Thursday, 3 November 2011


I went to MCM Expo at the weekend, and once again I came back thinking that some of the stuff there is complete tosh and that I could better. Now I said this last time and gave up drawing again after about two weeks. I've set myself a task of drawing something EVERY DAY, which I have kind of kept to (although today was scanning and colouring, not technically drawing). What I need is a completely awesome idea/concept that I can run with and feel really inspired by all the time. It'll come to me eventually I hope.

I mostly ended up drawing things with tentacles. I have no idea what goes on in my head. Witness girl with squid hair. And then I had the bright idea of colouring it while trying to remember how my layers go and what goes where. Freakin' layers man. Anyway, before and after colouring. I have so much respect for people that do this for real because this one tiny drawing took me perhaps an hour to colour, maybe more. Might be because I am easily distracted and out of practice though.

I'm going to Thought Bubble (in LEEDS) in a couple of weeks, which is either an awesome idea or a REALLY REALLY BAD one. I am worried.

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