Wednesday, 22 June 2011


So after my little tirade last night about not being able to draw anything I went back to the book and produced this totally radical gem. I have no idea why I have Leonardo's swords and colours, Raphael was always my favourite, but I guess I could draw swords on my turtleback better than holding sais in my hands. Thinking about it, with my current hair I could probably be April O'Neill, plus I could totally work a yellow jumpsuit.

(Not so) Teenage Mutant Ninja Badass. Now pass me some pizza.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Where this blog turns into some kind of emo diary..

I've decided it's safer just to stay indoors and watch DVDs. I tried drawing something awesome today but I just can't get it right and I ended up getting really frustrated and threw my sketchbook aside with a wail. Man I do not know how people can draw whole strips daily, it blows my mind. I can barely get out a doodle each day. I promise I'll have something to show tomorrow. Also, I don't know if it's good or bad to look at other artists' work. I mean, on one hand I guess I can learn a lot and I enjoy it, but on the other hand it makes me realise that I will never catch up to them and I am just not as good. I have no idea how to do facial expressions or hands or feet or practically anything! I need some kind of drawing-sensei.

After some pretty terrifying news at work today I have realised I have little-to-no skills for use in the real world, apart from being able to design Medical Supplies catalogues and touch up photos and design banners in Photoshop. I am bracing my head to meet the chopping block.

I had something else written here but I deleted it because it was petty and obvious. Come on, I can do better than that. Don't let it get to you, self.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Weird Things I Like #1

Weird things I like #1 = watching the washing go round inside a washing machine. I know, right? But there's just something about watching the clothes go round and round and round that I love watching. I do the same if I ever go to a launderette to use the tumble driers. Love it. I will literally sit on the kitchen floor in front of the washing machine and watch it do it's thing, for it's whole cycle if I have to.

Is this really strange? Does anyone else do it?!

A HAND. Victory is mine. I screwed up the cheek a little there too, but pretend you didn't see it. I am now also Officially Ginger. I am expecting the death threats to come pouring through my letterbox any minute now.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Today is All About Tomorrow

Tomorrow I shall appearing in the annual Dorchester Carnival, I shall be cheerleading, and I shall be the oldest one there. But pah to that! The weather forecast is iffy at best but I shall be lifting spirits all over the show with rallying cheers. Alas, not rallying cries to lead my army to war. What an awesome carnival that would be. The one thing I'm worried about is that my shorts haven't arrived, so I'm either going to be cheerleading bottomless, or borrowing a tiny child's pair of shorts which will invariably look like hotpants on me.. Anyway, this shall be me, minus the pom-poms - we don't actually have them, I'm just too lazy to draw hands. I am full of PEPPY PEP!

Look, a background! Well, the start of one. I was unsure of what to actually put there. In real life there'd be a crowd of people but I don't want to draw a ton of people! But yeah I should get used to drawing backgrounds and shit really... And not running out of paper so I don't have room to draw legs argh.

While colouring that I listened to Landfill by Daughter on repeat. It's just lovely. The chorus really resonates with me, apart from the hating your guts part, because I don't hate your guts. But everything else! = love.

I took this photo of my room reflected in my light fitting. It's pretty awesome, even with my shitty digital camera. I like it anyway, it makes my room look cool.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Thinking of blog titles is too hard

Firstly, I'm feeling much better than yesterday, so that's good! I'm planning on reading this over the next few days:

(Excuse the fresh-out-of-the-shower hair and NO MAKE UP. It is not a hideous monster you are viewing on your screen. Be not afraid.) Hopefully by reading this comic book about comic books I can get a better understanding of sequential art and text arrangement and yada yada, so maybe I can get on with producing something of my very own.

Also last night I did this for a friend. It's her son, who is almost always covered in some kind of foodstuff. It was only after I'd finished the whole thing and went back to my sketchbook to do more drawing that I realised I hadn't erased the pencil lines before I scanned it in. But they didn't seem to show anyway, so that was lucky.

I totally want that onesie.

I'm now off to eat ice cream and watch Hanna in bed. I have it okay really.. I am such a drama queen.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Ack, emo day!

Sometimes I think the Internet is the worse thing ever invented, because boy does it make me upset often. Pretty sure I used to be okay with myself/life before I wandered onto the World Wide Web. I also may have been like 15 but still. If I hadn't have read that.. if I hadn't have seen that photo, then perhaps I wouldn't be so fucked up and I could just GET ON WITH MY LIFE without thinking that everyone out there is better than me. There's just something about sitting alone at your computer and reading a couple of lines of text that feel like a punch to the gut.. I get this all the time. Maybe I should just wipe everything and start again, start afresh, and forget about the things that hurt me. Argh, stop thinking, brain!

Yup, today's drawing is unsurprisingly this.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Today I made double chocolate chip muffins! I hadn't baked for ages BUT I didn't have all the right ingredients so made a box-batch. You can thank Tesco for the chocolatey goodness today. Normally I make my own (I love baking) and they'd be awesome, but I wanted to try out a lazy box recipe and see how they good they were - not as good as my homemade ones, it turns out. So the moral of this story is - bake your own cakes!

Ah, if only I had a giant one that big...

Monday, 13 June 2011

When sad, draw.

I have super low self-esteem. Fact. I am way too over-sensitive. Fact. I take more or less everything personally. Fact. All of these things lead to me crying almost every single day. So I have decided that instead of getting upset (usually about things that may not even be about me) I am going to focus on drawing instead. Apparently my stars for this month in Elle magazine said that I should embrace creativity and within six months someone awesome will happen with it (not those exact words), so here's me giving it a giant bear hug.

It's a dragon drinking tea and eating a crumpet. I know the background is awful, I struggled with the levels and it went a bit patchy and yellow, but it's all practice!

And omg I finished Season One of Fringe and.. I won't spoil it for you here but let's just say - my mind, it was blown.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

In which I watch five episodes of Fringe and drink tea.

Today I have mostly been watching a lot of Fringe and sketching. The one in the top right is Olivia from Fringe. The bottom one is supposed to be me (if only I was that cute in real life!). Behold, hands! Getting there I think, now if I can just get every character to have their hands splayed out or grasping some kind of pole.. I am a particular fan of this little monster:

Perhaps drawing small is the way to go. Super fierce Perry. I also want her booties.

I need to pluck up the courage to sort out that (kind of) finished little strip that I started. I scanned it, but had issues with everything going blurry near the spine, so I may have to hack the page out of my sketchbook. Or get a bigger scanner. I also need to figure out how to do text/speech bubbles, I have no idea how to plan out frames.

Man this is a bigger job than I thought it would be.


Today I bought a webcam! And some new sunglasses. Pretty snazzy, right?


Behold, my tiny desk! I need a bigger one really but then there wouldn't be any space in my room for anything else.. so I'm stuck with this little corner one for now. Take note of important things like crispy seaweed, and two containers of Vaseline because apparently I have really sore lips? And my ugly home-glasses, because computers are turning me blind. So yeah, this is where I have to work so I have an excuse if stuff looks lame - "My hands are CRAMPING because of this TINY DESK!"

(Also hi to my first and best follower - Silus!)

Friday, 10 June 2011

Princess Peregrine Snowflake

This is Princess Peregrine Snowflake, my baby. Well, early stages of her at least. I really want to make something out of her, but I have no idea what. Yes, she's a Princess, but after becoming obsessed with Game of Thrones I want to make her kickass and awesome like Arya. So there's room for many dragon-fighting adventures but I have no idea how to get there, I don't even know how to begin!

I figure she's not very old, still a mischievous kid - about 12-13 perhaps, bored of pampered palace life and yearns for adventure and shit. Too cliché? It is isn't it? I totally picture her with a sword and a bow and learning that life outside the castle walls is pretty darn terrifying. maybe I should take a leaf out of Perry's book and venture outside of my room. I am hopeless at this, I always have been, but I really need to knuckle down and THINK because I know I can do this! I am determined to bring this thing to life before the end of the year, to have some sort of story in motion, with characters and bad guys and a fully fleshed-out adventure happening. 

Don't let me give up.

First Post

I'm sitting here eating crispy seaweed with my fingers out of the foil carton. It's good for me, right? Seaweed?

Anyway, this is my blog. It'll hopefully contain exciting things like drawings and photos. If I can pry myself away from the seaweed. It mostly exists because I wanted somewhere to put my drawings, some place nice and organised. But so far I've been plagued by 503 errors and struggled to make even one simple post, I fear these may be signs of impending doom.

Welcome to Dinosaur Carousel!