Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Wow, yeah so after my mini meltdown the other day (I need to step away from the computer when that happens) I've been drawing a bit more. I tried drawing various complicated things like DIFFERENT FACIAL EXPRESSIONS (why do you torment me so) but in the end settled with my favourite X-Lady. It was quick and surprisingly easy, partly because I didn't have to do anything hard like hands or bodies. I also haven't plugged my scanner back in since moving house so you'll have to deal with a shoddy iPhone photo instead. I am pleased, I like her face. Maybe eyes like that are the way to go, I've always had issues with how to draw my eyes.

I should draw superheroes more often.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Brain dump. More for me than you.

I wish I wasn't such an emotional dick and would learn to MAN THE FUCK UP and GET THE FUCK OVER IT. Jesus Christ it's been like six months (I had to count that on my fingers and whoa has it really been that long?) and I am still a blubbering WRECK. Six months since my last kiss. I'll probably delete this in the morning, but I am tired and upset and in the middle of PMT and I just needed to write it down. Who knew one person could affect me so much?

Tonight I bought myself a comic, a dress and a necklace.