Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Facebook Cover Take Two

I wanted to update my Facebook cover photo drawing as my hair isn't really like that anymore (even though I haven't even updated my default profile photo), and I had grown bored of the original one. I racked my brains for AGES trying to think of something witty to splash across my page but me being the queen of imagination that I am couldn't think of anything.

Started doing this one:

Then gave up because I'd already done the "favourite things" theme and didn't really want to go there again.

During this time I also discovered that the other end of my tablet pen is actually an eraser! Like a real pencil! Like, if you turn it upside down and use it on the tablet it automatically turns into the eraser tool! Magic.

Anyway, I was running out of time and One Born Any Minute is on soon and in the end I came up with a kind of placeholder if you will.. Although it'll probably be there for a while knowing me. Until I can think of something better.

My faaaace, all over your screeeeen. I doubt anyone actually clicks onto my actual wall anyway, so I've gone through all this trouble for no-one to look at it. But for now I'm off to watch babies being born. I can come back to this tomorrow.

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  1. I would just keep that, witty stuff like this is great. Nice and simple :)