Saturday, 25 February 2012

Super Late Valentine's Day

Oh man I totally forgot to post this one here. It's a tad late but hey at least it exists! FYI this one wasn't about me, I actually wasn't that ragey this V Day (I know, right?), it was mostly about all the other single girls who were filling up my Facebook timeline with anger.

Roller derby is going greeeeeat, I can go pretty fast and I love falling over, but after reading all the things we need to do to pass our minimum skills test I am kind of scared. Leaping over things?! I bought some proper derby skates too! But they haven't arrived yet, which sucks, so I'm still on my lame disco skates for one more week. I also need to buy new laces, new toe guards, new toe stops and new wheels (I'm going for a pink and black theme) but they can wait until the new skates get here I guess! Super excited.

I also went to an InMe gig last night, I haven't seen them live for about 6-7 years and man I just fell in love with them all over again. I was pretty brave and went al by myself but apart from looking like a loser in between support bands it was actually okay. I managed to get a spot right at the front for InMe, so Dave was practically sweating on me, and my back is probably bruised from all the shoving I took, but yeah it was amaaaazing.


  1. yay! InMe!

    love the artwork! how do you get all the cool watercolour effects? :D

    1. Hello anonymous InMe lover! Watercolour effects are done through textures. Grab a textured background from , slap it on the top layer of your drawing, change it's layer setting to Overlay and then fiddle about with the colour balance and saturation. Voila!

  2. oh awesome! thank you! -i had no idea they were touring but I'm going to pick up some tickets from ticket master. SOOO EXCITED <3

  3. Becki - you are simply awesome :)