Monday, 2 April 2012

Dragons & Cars

So, on Saturday night I saw an ad on TV for interns at Red Bull Racing in Milton Keynes, me being the F1 nut that I am ran to the internet and looked up what I had to do. Basically I had to pass this convoluted online test and be within the top 20% to move forward into the next round. I passed!

I was then given an application form which was just a blank page PDF and was told to "fill this space with the reason you deserve this internship. Be as creative as you want, there are no limits here." So I draw me and a dragon. As you do. If I make it through this round the top 100 will have to do a video interview about themselves (I know, right, terrifying), then the top 50 after that get to go to the factory in Milton Keynes for real interviews. I probably won't get any further than this drawing, but hey at least I tried.

Also on Wednesday I'm going to pick up my new car! It's a 52 plate 206 and it's lovely. It has all mod cons like power steering and remote central locking! I am very excited to hopefully get a car that will do above 60mph.


  1. Hi Becki, I also passed the RBR online test this afternoon and I'm now considering what to do with this blank application form!

    Just wanted to wish you luck and say that your drawing is great :) x

  2. This is stupid with any luck they'll forward your application to a cartoon drawing company where you might actually have a chance.