Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Roller Derby. Again. I know.

Yes yes, I know, more roller derby. But this was a request! One of THREE requests I have had lately for illustrations for people. I've never had to draw something for anyone before and it's kind of daunting, but exciting. This one will (hopefully) be printed(!) in Lead Jammer Magazine #3 as one of my rookies is writing an article about Fresh Meat for it.

But now my back is killing me. My posture while drawing at the computer is awful, but I can't seem to draw any other way. I need to have my left hand on Ctrl + Z and the tablet has to be in front of me as there isn't any room on the desk for it to be anywhere else. Basically a bigger desk might solve this problem, but alas I have no room. I just need to SIT BETTER.

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