Monday, 18 June 2012

flats & boys & friends & jobs

Can't decide which one I like best. This is basically me today. Really struggling to find a decent flat in this area for my price range, which is really getting me down.. So therefore I'm thinking about moving away to an area where I CAN afford a place, which means looking for another job which leads to MORE stress because I have no idea if the skills I have are actually useful to anyone. I need the exact job I have now, but somewhere else and for more money! I was thinking about Bristol, because it was so nice there when I visited Anna and Rob - like a city but not really, if you get what I mean? Not London, I don't like London.

My friend has pissed me off and I can't really avoid her so I'll probably just be seething for the next few days.

Oh, and I can't move because I'm too scared to leave the boy. But then I HAVE to move so I can finally get over the boy...

Going to try and draw every day now, even if it's just stupid emo shit like this.

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