Sunday, 29 July 2012

Hulk Smash

I drew this for a roller derby t-shirt competition. The theme was "roller girls are superheroes", I think I'm probably pushing the boundaries with using the Hulk, but he's KIND OF a superhero. I guess? The prize is 25 t-shirts for your team plus this design being on sale at their shop which would be RAD.

We were only allowed to use up to 3 colours, and I wasn't sure if the background white counted as a colour otherwise her hair would definitely be purple.

Still not really happy with the text, I may redo it (I haven't sent it in to the comp yet), also not sure how well this will translate to a t-shirt printed design, as they use silk screen printers and I think my colouring-in isn't solid enough, or my lines aren't nice enough or blahhhhh.

But it would be so cool to have something I drew on a t-shirt! Fingers crossed.

(OMG also, Hulk Smash. I am Smash. Oh I just kill myself)

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