Monday, 26 November 2012

Tamara and Too Many Hats

Oh hey Tamara. Just doodling and playing about with grey tones recently, moving away from just black and white and experimenting with tone and shadow a bit. I'm not very good at highlights and shadowing so it's something I really need to research and look into.

I'm loving drawing Tamara though. She has a wide forehead, and little pokey-out ears and barely a curve on her so I think she makes an excellent demon.

Still need to find a story for her though.

Tonight I did a funny little thing about all the hats I own, completely at random. I only really ever wear the big white wooly one, so why do I have all the others?! Again, playing with greys and stuff yada yada. HATS.

Seeing these two drawings together, it looks like I used a slightly thicker line with Tamara which I'm liking better right now.. But I think it's just because I drew her small, the hat one was drawn on A5.

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