Sunday, 29 July 2012

Hulk Smash

I drew this for a roller derby t-shirt competition. The theme was "roller girls are superheroes", I think I'm probably pushing the boundaries with using the Hulk, but he's KIND OF a superhero. I guess? The prize is 25 t-shirts for your team plus this design being on sale at their shop which would be RAD.

We were only allowed to use up to 3 colours, and I wasn't sure if the background white counted as a colour otherwise her hair would definitely be purple.

Still not really happy with the text, I may redo it (I haven't sent it in to the comp yet), also not sure how well this will translate to a t-shirt printed design, as they use silk screen printers and I think my colouring-in isn't solid enough, or my lines aren't nice enough or blahhhhh.

But it would be so cool to have something I drew on a t-shirt! Fingers crossed.

(OMG also, Hulk Smash. I am Smash. Oh I just kill myself)

Monday, 23 July 2012

"It’s Biles. Call me Biles or I swear to God I’ll kill you."

So. I watched the first season of Teen Wolf last year, and them promptly forgot about it. The second season just started on TV over here a couple of weeks ago, so I sat down and watched those, and then I was gone.

I proceeded to watch the remainder of the season in like 2 days (via the magic of the Internet) and Jesus H Christ I am addicted. Stiles is still my favourite character, he gets the best lines and there are rumours that he might be MAGIC in some way and I would LOVE that.

So yeah, I totally fangirled out and had to (attempt to) draw him. Drawing boys is hard. Okay I've drawn Squall before, but he's a pretty girly boy tbh, and Stiles has a buzzcut haircut and that's SUPER hard to do. I still don't think I've captured the essence of who he is, but yeah it was my first attempt so cut me some slack.

Although, I have to say I do not understand all the Sterek (Stiles/Derek) shipping that's all over Tumblr right now. Stiles/Erica, come onnnnn!

Monday, 16 July 2012

Saturday, 14 July 2012


I don't know what the above is about. Experimenting with big dark spaces, I think.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Bring me the bore worms...

So yesterday was Silus's birthday. I'd already given him a present (a book about the Universe) and made him a cake (blueberry cheesecake), and for some reason decided to draw him a picture which was probably really overboard but NEVERMIND. It's a bore worm from Flash Gordon. Now, nobody actually knows what bore worms look like, only that Princess Aura is very scared of them so they must be baaad. So this one is scaly and spiky, with horns and a slime trail. And a balloon for birthday fun. Happy birthday Silus!

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Hearts & Darkness. Plus Balloons.

This drawing was done for no reason other than I was bored sitting at my desk. I really wanted to go for a walk, but it was getting late and I was already in my pyjamas (as per usual) so I didn't really want to go back outside. Basically I was too lazy. But I guess drawing something instead is still A Good Thing.

It doesn't mean anything, but I do have a very large head. Which is true. Also, dark spaces = good. Love love love.

I went to Ikea yesterday and bought a ton of stuff for my new flat, I am so excited! But then I was in Morrison's today and spotted 18 glasses for £3(!) so bought them, even though I already have six from Ikea. Is twenty-four glasses too many? I have my heart set on a sofa called Ektorp, and it's going to be RED with some yellow cushions and it'll be totally rad, I wish I could move in already!!

And Mark Webber won the British GP today, which was gooooood.

Sunday, 1 July 2012


Korra! I just started watching this as I'd heard good things about it and I figured it'd be my kind of show. And of course I LOVED it, so therefore I had to draw her. I drew this one from a picture that already existed - no tracing, just for reference, and I STILL fucked up the legs. I know I should've stopped and fixed them but I was just pleased I got the damn arms right! I can move on to legs with a different drawing. This was fun to do as I made more use of layers (I actually have a 'rough' layer where I drew the outline out in grey) and gradients, so I'm getting there. 

Here she is in just lines before I added the colour. I usually save a new file when I do colour incase I end up hating it.