Friday, 26 October 2012

Roller Derby, Drawing and Me

Holy crap, well apparently I've just missed out the whole of September and most of October... In my defence I did move house and didn't have the Internet until halfway through September, so I have a few bits and bobs to post here.

First to be eternally depressing - this was the first thing I drew after not drawing anything for weeks:

I'm just so chipper.

Then I realised I have no idea how the human body is shaped so I practiced drawing from a photo of a model (I need to do this more often):

That dress was awesome, FYI.

And then we come back to the roller derby stuff, this next one was something I did REALLY quickly for my friend who disturbed me while I was doing my Top Secret DRG logo project one night. She loves Arnie.

And finally, the big finish. I spent forever doing this.. My roller derby team doesn't really have a logo to speak of at the moment, and I felt like we should, so being someone that could draw I decided to take this matter into my own hands without telling anyone and just hope that everyone liked the surprise! It went down really well, and the response has been awesome so far, I'm still not sure if they're going to use it for anything, but it was nice to know that everyone was as happy with it as I was. I'm planning to do a full colour version one day, which shading and stuff, but for now I made a 3 colour one which is easier for printing (if we do decided to print it on stuff). Also, DRAGONS WITH ROLLERSKATES ON.


We have our FIRST EVER bout tomorrow in Plymouth and it's going to be rad. I'm not playing but I sure have made some kickass supporting posters!