Friday, 30 August 2013

"It just goes like that in the sun"

Sebastian turned up at the Spa GP with new blonde hair. It was the best Thursday on Tumblr in my LIFE.

Need I say more?

/runs away cackling

"I like smiling"

This was me trying out something different than my usual edits. Of course it's of Romain. I think it turned out pretty good! I liked it anyway. Ironically I chose a photo of him where he's not actually smiling..

But hey, he's my boy.

Kimi / Thor

Haha, this one I made on a whim, as I can just imagine Kimi saying that. Although maybe not in so many words ;)

Also check out that sweet Makia t-shirt and the famous mint green shoes :D


Right, I've been dabbling in the world of writing lately and kind of fell into writing this story about Sebastian. Who gets struck by lightning. And then has like super electric powers. Yeah, I don't know either. ANYWAY, then I went one step further and drew fanart for my own fanfiction. So here he is trying out his powers on a lamp.

I should probably get back to writing that really...

Thursday, 4 July 2013


So Kimi Raikkonen cut his hair before the British GP, but he always kept his hat on so nobody actual knows what it looks like... Here's my artist's impression of it. It was definitely shaved at the sides and pretty mohawky at the back, but I doubt that it's that long on top in real life ;)


Monday, 10 June 2013


I've been wanting to use this quote from Buffy for ages.

Angelus says it at the end of the episode 'Passion' - the one where he kills Jenny, and although it has nothing to do with F1 at all I just like the quote :)


Made a Ferrari edit for the first time EVER. It wasn't very popular on ye olde Tumblr for some reason.

I don't know, it felt a bit lazy and perhaps it showed. It's hard making one for a team you feel very indifferent towards. No passion = shitty design I guess.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Naked/Serious Sebastian

Haaa I almost forgot about this one! This was because of all the fuss over his naked lady helmet... Thought I'd put the shoe on the other foot and draw a little naked Sebastian :D

Also a more serious edit made with lyrics from the Suede song - Hit Me.

“I’m not as strong as I pretend to be
You feel the scratches and scars
You feel the parts of me we call ours
But drop me once
And I will fall to bits”

Not sure how well this actually relates to Seb, but he was the first one that came to mind when I knew I wanted to make an edit with those lyrics.


Track guide: Monaco - 26th May 2013!

Also, MoNICO because of this HILARIOUS and BRILLIANT RTL advert that Nico Rosberg made.

Okay the actual weekend was a mixture of things because on one hand it was my birthday weekend, but on the other hand Romain had a really bad one so... Yeah it was all a bit up and down for me. Canada will be better, I can tell.

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Spanish GP

Post-Spanish GP, where Romain's suspension broke (through no fault of his own) 8 laps into the race :( I was very sad. Although Kimi went on to finish second so it wasn't all bad. I just want Ro to win a race, or get pole, or SOMETHING where he's in front and people can forget about last year..

I believe in you, you can do it.

Funny little Paul di Resta I did last night without really thinking about it. I've never thought about drawing him before and what started out as a doodle just kind of turned into him. I actually think I captured his face pretty well in this one!

To Monaco!

Friday, 26 April 2013

Bahrain GP Weekend

More F1 stuff, I chose these as they're the most recent ones but they're also all very different! The middle Nico one came with one of my favourite quotes of all time:

Bottom line is, even if you see ‘em coming, you’re not ready for the big moments. No one asks for their life to change, not really. But it does. So what are we, helpless? Puppets? No. The big moments are gonna come. You can’t help that. It’s what you do afterwards that counts. That’s when you find out who you are. You’ll see what I mean.

And it was particularly poignant as he'd just qualifying in pole position.

The bottom one is Romain because.. he's Romain :') <3

Rock n Roller Derby

Bah I can't get these to go in the right order.. Anyway, Em Balmer from roller derby asked me to draw something to go on her website featuring herself and Thumper. She was pretty particular about what she wanted and I didn't have to redo it at all as she was so happy with it first time! Which was ace! I also got paid for it, so it's all-round win win for me :)

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Four of the best

Aaand these are some of my favourite edits that I've made lately. Not so much with the drawing. I've been dabbling in more graphic-y stuff, and I've discovered I like pastel shades, simple clean fonts and washed out photos. Who new? Oh, and square format is my new best friend, apparently. I've done a fuckton more of ones like these but it would probably be pointless to put them here. Check them all out at MY AWESOME F1 BLOG :B

Anyway, I love these, and I love making them so that's all that matters, right?

F1-related shenanigans. We could be here a while.

Haha, I forgot about these. These were some silly fast tiny things I did a while back, aaaaand they don't make much sense out of context now(!) but hey ho. Both of the Seb ones were from ace videos though.


Sorry I haven't posted in like.. weeks but F1 started again and I got kind of distracted. Which is now why most of my art is F1-related...

This is one of my faves of recent weeks though:

Little Sebastian and Kimi!

I also posted many MANY graphic-y edits about certain drivers and I'm not sure if I should separate them out into their own posts or kind of condense them together. I'll probably just pick my favourite ones and post them. Because I should leave them here, really.

Friday, 8 February 2013


Presenting Sebastian Vettel. three time Formula 1 World Champion. And all round ace and funny guy.

I kind of love doing these, it's not the hardest thing to do, as I am drawing from a modified reference photo, but I just find it very.. soothing I guess. I don't have to worry about too much. And they look cool at the end. People (okay two people) have said that I should sell them, but I don't know how I feel about that.. We'll see.

Now who to do next! I've done my favourites.. Maybe Nico Rosberg, or Jenson Button. Someone suggested I do "Legends" so maybe I'll try a Senna! If I can find a good enough photo.

Also! Red Bull retweeted my tweet with this in, and yet again, twittersplosion. Two for two on team retweets now!

Thursday, 31 January 2013

The Iceman Cometh ...Again.

After I finished my Romain Grosjean drawing, I couldn't NOT do a Kimi one. Over this winter break I've kind of fallen in love a bit with Kimi Raikkonen, I already knew he was awesome (he is a World Champion after all), and that he was hilariously laid back, but then I kinda got involved in the Tumblr world of F1 and there's a lot of Kimi love there! My team for this season is definitely Lotus, especially after they retweeted my Romain drawing and spoke to me:

And obviously for just being all-round amazing people, totally the best at interacting with the fans and have a genuine sense of humour. So yeah, sorry JB, you'll still always be my man, but 2013 is the year of the Lotus boys.

Oh oh, last night I read this brilliant fanfic (I know, don't judge me) about Sebastian Vettel being a robot - a creation of Red Bull made to win races - and that's almost EXACTLY what I said about him all through 2011. But oh gosh this fic... Properly got to me, and the ending... Literal gasps of horror. Anyway, here it is, but be warned that there's quite heavy graphical Kimi/Seb but it's all very sweet and makes total sense in context.


Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Wow, what a day. I've spent a few evenings working on something totally nerdy and fangirly, and last night I finally finished it. I was trying something different - drawing from a photograph, concentrating on greyscale, etc. Pretty pleased with how it turned out.

It's my favourite (and most adorable) F1 driver, Romain Grosjean.

Then I took the liberty of tweeting the Lotus F1 Team about it, and then THEY retweeted it and my Twitter feed exploded:

Everyone was so nice about it and some dude asked me to draw him so now I'm going to do that, and then start work on a Kimi Raikkonen drawing :D Just.. Amazing.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Fuck love.

I think this might be the best thing I have ever drawn.

I love it right now anyway, I'll probably hate it tomorrow. Feel like I'm channelling Steve Zissou with that hat/shirt combo - it was unintentional, I swear!

It was ably aided by the greatest hits of Ash which I listened to while drawing it, I think maybe Clones has overtaken Goldfinger as my favourite Ash song... But now I'm listening to Twilight of the Innocents and it's epic as fuck and I just want to yell and listen to those strings foreverrrrr!

"I'm still breathing, my heart's still beating."

Remember this.