Thursday, 31 January 2013

The Iceman Cometh ...Again.

After I finished my Romain Grosjean drawing, I couldn't NOT do a Kimi one. Over this winter break I've kind of fallen in love a bit with Kimi Raikkonen, I already knew he was awesome (he is a World Champion after all), and that he was hilariously laid back, but then I kinda got involved in the Tumblr world of F1 and there's a lot of Kimi love there! My team for this season is definitely Lotus, especially after they retweeted my Romain drawing and spoke to me:

And obviously for just being all-round amazing people, totally the best at interacting with the fans and have a genuine sense of humour. So yeah, sorry JB, you'll still always be my man, but 2013 is the year of the Lotus boys.

Oh oh, last night I read this brilliant fanfic (I know, don't judge me) about Sebastian Vettel being a robot - a creation of Red Bull made to win races - and that's almost EXACTLY what I said about him all through 2011. But oh gosh this fic... Properly got to me, and the ending... Literal gasps of horror. Anyway, here it is, but be warned that there's quite heavy graphical Kimi/Seb but it's all very sweet and makes total sense in context.


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